EKS'KWIZIT - Artist Wear

Fashion inspires us, just like art gives us freedom of expression or to identify with.

Art and Fashion are our inspiration in daily life. They are different ways to express who we are as an individual. Everybody is unique, you are unique and your clothing should reflect that. Eks'kwizit is challenging you to use your creativity and create your own fashion out of a piece of art. A powerful combination of art, fashion and you. There are various creative fields and types of art to choose from and are regularly updated with new fresh designs.

We offer you the client online accessible software to create you own personal clothing. All purchased clothing will safely be shipped in stylish boxes. In The Netherlands there are some limited clothing stores. For more information about the process and how to design your own Jan Stel piece of art or from one of the other artists go to,

EKS’KWIZIT - Artist Wear
EKS’KWIZIT - Artist Wear Men EKS’KWIZIT - Artist Wear Ladies

Eks’kwizit - Artist Wear. T-shirts for the men and dresses for the ladies.

EKS’KWIZIT - Artist Wear

A preview for creating your own personalized Eks’kwizit Artist Wear.
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Create your own artist wear! EKS’KWIZIT - Artist Wear EKS’KWIZIT - Artist Wear EKS’KWIZIT - Artist Wear EKS’KWIZIT - Artist Wear

Production process of Eks’kwizit.

EKS’KWIZIT - Artist Wear (Nachtwacht) EKS’KWIZIT - Artist Wear (Nachtwacht)

The Nachtwacht (Rembrandt van Rijn 1642, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam) in Eks’kwizit Artist Wear sold in local Dutch shops.

We believe in offering a fair share to everybody who is working with Eks’kwizit fashion. Offering you a premium and handmade quality product, our suppliers a long term partnership and all of our Artists a fee for every sold product. Our production is being done in Europe under good conditions. Both save and inspiring for the people. Our processes are optimized and by using digital printing and keeping the production waste as low as possible, we strive to have as little impact on the environment as we can.

Everybody with a unique eye-catching style can become an Eks’kwizit Artist.