Manmade / no human, book € 39,50

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THE BOOK!  € 39,50

MANMADE / NO HUMAN! Abandoned industries, factories & architecture!
The book has 184 pages, with a linen bound hard cover and includes lots of panoramic photographs.
A signed and numbered “Special Edition” limited to 50 pieces will be available when purchasing the book.


I would like to share my fascination and admiration for the beauty of decay with you through a book, so that you can also wander around in the wonderful world of the abandoned and forgotten. Conceived, designed and built by people, but now deserted by everyone. This book is a personal selection of the many sites that I have photographed over the years. It is not a dull collection of dozens of photographs that are put in a book without much coherence. I opted for a division into 13 chapters, with each chapter telling the story of one location. Obviously my pictures of these locations take the lead, but I also added a short history and a personal narrative about that particular location. And sometimes about the risks you need to take to make that one picture or series that tells my story of these places.

Manmade / no human is 103% successfully funded by Voordekunst. Many thanks donators and the Amsterdams fonds voor de kunst!
Voordekunst. Amsterdams fonds voor de kunst

  • Format 24.5 x 24.5 cm, 184 full color offset pages, edition of 500.
  • All artwork is having spot varnish and includes lots of spreads.
  • Hardcover, Brillianta linen, 145 g paper, sewn, bound and straight back.
  • Publication date 24 September 2016, the book is printed by EPOS Press and issued by EPFAP Publishing, Eduard Planting Gallery.
  • ISBN 97890824937-2
To order a (signed) copy of the “Manmade / no human” book send your request and details to Eduard Planting, with joy he will take care for save payment and smooth shipping. Off course you can buy the book at the gallery as well. Eduard Planting Gallery, Eerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2 Amsterdam. Shipping is possible: between € 5 and € 10, depending on destination. Press the red button to send a order request by mail!

The price is without shipping costs. The book can be picked up at the gallery.
If you need any help contact me at, info@janstel.nl or by phone, +31 (0) 6 41202562.

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