Jan Stel [1970, Purmerend, the Netherlands] is a self-taught photographer. As a creative person, Jan was a pioneering artist in his youth. He created Graffiti murals in the suburbs of Amsterdam and at home he made detailed drawings and realistic illustrations. The analogue photo gear of his father sparked his interest in photography, and inspired him to develop his own creative style.

Jan Stel’s photography is made in pure, natural light; no flashlights or studio lamps are used. This authentic working process takes patience, sensitivity and the excellent timing. Jan explains his photographic style in this way: “The human eye is far more sensitive than a camera lens and picks up minor as well as major differences in a scene. Because the photo camera is limited in its ability, I capture the image in multiple exposures. The difference between the scene my eye has seen and what the camera was able to capture fascinates me. I want to reassert this sensitivity. I do this by brushing the photographed brackets into a sort of light painting, similar to what the dark room masters and painters used to do long ago.”

“It must have been around 1998 that my fascination for long gone glory started. I am attracted to a forgotten world that is slowly being reclaimed by Mother Nature. Characteristic architecture, abandoned by man and signs of disappeared craftsmanship still show much of their history. Locations that once were full of life and activities are now silent and all human presence is missing. Instead of demolition, I hope that this faded glory will undergo extensive restoration and will be transformed into a place where young and old can enjoy this lost history. Many of the objects I have photographed have now been demolished or transformed to a new destination.”

  • Jan Stel, HF6 Steel Factory
  • Jan Stel, Abandoned Casino - Art Breda
  • Jan Stel, ECVB Power Station
  • Jan Stel, Heavy Metal
  • Jan Stel, Le Gazometre
  • Jan Stel, Le Gazometre
  • PAN, Amsterdam Rai
  • RAW Artfair Rotterdam
  • PAN, Amsterdam Rai
  • KunstRAI, Amsterdam

Jan his photography received a lot of interest from (inter) national media and has been published in De Volkskrant, De Telegraaf, FD Persoonlijk, NRC Handelsblad, The Daily Mail, in dozens of magazines (Focus, Pf Magazine, Playboy, …) and on many websites and blogs. It also obtained several awards, like the Sony World Photography Awards, International Color Awards and the Epson Pano Awards. It’s exhibited regularly and is part of many private and corporate collections. Jan Stel Photography

Solo exhibition "Manmade / no human".
‘Museum aan het Vrijthof‘ Maastricht, The Netherlands.

22 June - 15 September 2019

Kunst RAI, Amsterdam. 17 - 22 April 2019
art KARLSRUHE, Germany. 21 - 24 Februari 2019
PAN, RAI Amsterdam. 18 - 25 November 2018
Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park London UK. 18 - 21 October 2018

Hotel Arena solo exhibition, ‘Manmade / no Human‘.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

6 July - 6 September 2018

Combined exhibition, ‘Lost Places‘.
Continuum Gallery, Königswinter, Germany.

16 April - 17 June 2018

Art Breda, Breepark Breda. 19 - 22 April 2018
Kunst RAI, Amsterdam. 04 - 08 April 2018
PAN, RAI Amsterdam. 19 - 26 Nov 2017
Kunst RAI, Amsterdam. 31 May - 05 June 2017
RAW Artfair, World Trace Centre Rotterdam. 08 - 12 Feb 2017
Realisme, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. 19 - 22 Jan 2017
PAN, RAI Amsterdam. 20 - 27 Nov 2017

2nd solo exposition and 1st book release, Manmade / no human,
Eduard Planting Gallery - Fine Art Photographs.

24 Sep - 05 Nov 2016

Kunst RAI, Amsterdam. 01 - 05 June 2016
Rotterdam Contemporary. 10 - 14 Feb 2016
Realisme, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. 21 - 24 Jan 2016
PAN, RAI Amsterdam. 21 Nov - 29 Nov 2015
Kunst RAI, Amsterdam (solo show) 27 - 31 May 2015
Rotterdam Contemporary. 04 - 08 Feb 2015
Realisme, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. 15 - 18 Jan 2015
PAN, RAI Amsterdam. 23 - 30 Nov 2014

SONY World Photography Awards Exhibition 2014
Somerset House, London England.
01 - 18 May 2014

KunstRAI, Amsterdam. 04 - 09 June 2014
RAW Artfair, Cruise terminal Rotterdam. 05 - 09 Feb 2014
Masters of LXRY, RAI Amsterdam. 12 - 16 Dec 2013
PAN, RAI Amsterdam. 23 Nov - 01 Dec 2013
Floris Siemer Art Gallery. 18 May - 23 June 2013
Red Pengiun Art Gallery, Marbella Spain. 01 March - 01 June 2013
Solo exposition Het SPANT! Bussum NL. 01 March - 01 June 2013
ART Warehouse Rotterdam, Fenixloodsen. 05 - 10 Feb 2013
PAN, RAI Amsterdam. 18 - 25 Nov 2012

Solo exposition, ‘Abandoned & Forgotten’,
Eduard Planting Gallery - Fine Art Photographs.

27 Oct - 22 Dec 2012

ArtAntique, Jaarbeurs Utrecht. 22 - 29 April 2012
Realisme, Passenger Terminal Amsterdam. 19 - 22 Jan 2012
PAN, RAI Amsterdam. 20 - 27 Nov 2011
FotoFestival Naarden, Naarden Vesting. 21 May - 19 June 2011
ArtAntique, Jaarbeurs Utrecht. 17 - 25 April 2011


No unauthorized use, reproduction and copy by all means without permission from Jan Stel. This includes photography and tekst! Private downloading for personal use is allowed, but sharing through social media is not. For publication, commercial use & inquiries about Fine Art Prints please contact Stel through e-mail. All artwork displayed on the website are copyrighted property. Thanks for your respect!