Industrial Landscapes
"The most beautiful light moments of the day are during sunrise and when sunset comes in. There is something magical about this short period of light and shadow. During this captivation, my eyes focus on the cinematic feeling of man-made scenes and their unmistakable natural environment." - Jan Stel
Industrial Landscapes 03

Black moonlit mountains

Industrial Landscapes 04

Misty white mountain

Industrial Landscapes 05

Goddess of Luna

Industrial Landscapes 11

Industrialized eruptions

Industrial Landscapes 08

Mystical light play

Industrial Landscapes 09

Sky high flying

Industrial Landscapes 10

A nightly appearance

Industrial Landscapes 19

Madness of plasticizing

Limited portfolio box, Industrial LandscapesINDUSTRIAL LANDSCAPES, LIMITED EDITION BOX
My Industrial Landscapes box is now available for view and sale at my Project 2.0 Gallery, www.project20.nl
More information and ordering details can be found on the limited edition page

- Printing and finishing: Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta Paper 325 gram, mounted on aluminium, framed in black wood and protected by Artglass.
- Editions available:
   200h x 150w cm, 3 + 2 a.p.
   160h x 120w cm, 6 + 2 a.p.
   100h x 75w cm,  9 + 2 a.p.