Industrial Landscapes

“Just before sunrise and sunset, the light is at its most beautiful. There is something magical about this short period of time. The cinematic feeling of industrial locations is what I capture. Their natural surroundings is where my eyes focus on.” - Jan Stel

There is an increasing awareness that the global industry needs to be transformed into a natural non-destructive production process to preserve our beautiful earth for our future generations. Plans are made at political level and the proposed changes are being implemented on a slow but steady path. What is more is that when we humans embrace a common goal, we are strong and change for the better becomes profound.
Industrial Landscapes 01

When darkness falls

Industrial Landscapes 02

Black Moonlit Mountains

Industrial Landscapes 07

Misty White Mountain

Industrial Landscapes 03

Surrealistic Landscape

Industrial Landscapes 07

Through The Clouds

Industrial Landscapes 04

Hidden by nature

Industrial Landscapes 05

Reuse The Source

Industrial Landscapes 06

The Rolling Hills

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