Industrial Landscapes

"Just before the sun rises or sets, the most beautiful light of the day is something magical in this short period of the day, where daily life is just beginning or ending. The cinematic feeling of industrial locations and their surroundings is where my my eyes are focused on, and in particular the seemingly natural landscape that I capture. All photos have been photographed in the Netherlands."

There is an increasing awareness that the global industry needs to be transformed into an natural non-destructive processing to preserve our beautiful earth and future generations. Plans are made at political level and the proposed changes are being implemented gradually but steadily.
Industrial Landscapes 01

Industrial Landscapes - When darkness falls

Industrial Landscapes 02

Industrial Landscapes - Black moonlit mountains

Industrial Landscapes 03

Industrial Landscapes - Misty white mountains

Industrial Landscapes 04

Industrial Landscapes - Behind the scenes

Near the sea there is a large industrial area with a lot of activity. From the train bridge there is a good view of the grandeur of the location. In these outlying areas it sometimes feels like no-man's land, especially at dusk and just before the terrain lighting is set on. The atmosphere expresses a cinematic feel form post-apocalyptic movies.

Black coal mountains look mysterious during the night. The small hard particles from the coal shimmer in the full moon light. White dust-drying fluid is sprayed to protect against dust from hard sea winds. It gives a snowy appearance that is partly visible on these dark industry-created mountains. This impressive moonlit scene could easily have been in Iceland or Lanzarote.

Sometimes a photo is not what it seems, a seemingly natural landscape which could be located in the Himalaya. But in fact it is a coal-mountain in the industrial area in The Netherlands. And though the atmosphere in the photo gives the impression to be natural and peaceful, workmen are just a few feet away with giant processing machines to transport the coal for shipping world-wide. A silenced moment in time passing by.

At the edge of industrial areas there are often high fences that are also surrounded by trees and shrubs to prevent unwanted visitors. This vegetation on the site is struggling with emissions from production. The foggy feeling in combination with the last available light and the darkness in the background gives an enchanting feeling. In this area there is 7 days a week production and 24-hour security.

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