Veterinary School
“Early on a Sunday morning we entered the basement of a veterinary school, also known as the Horror Labs. This seemingly innocent building houses the remains of what could have been a mad scientist’s laboratory. It’s an astonishing sight with dozens of labeled jars, containing preserved farm animals, the heads of cats and dogs and even a fox. Beware!”
Jan Stel, Veterinary School-01

Veterinary School-01

Jan Stel, Veterinary School-02

Veterinary School-02

Jan Stel, Veterinary School-03

Veterinary School-03

Jan Stel, Veterinary School-04

Veterinary School-04

Jan Stel, Veterinary School-05

Veterinary School-05

Jan Stel, Veterinary School-06

Veterinary School-06

The former veterinary school consists of 19 buildings, which are spread over 4 hectares (about 10 acres). The buildings have impressive cellars, which are linked by galleries with passages. Years ago the school moved to a new modern location and some of the buildings have been renovated and converted into lofts. The school of veterinary surgeons used the complex from 1969 up to 1990. The labeled jars with animal parts can be found in the cellar and on the first floor, together with medical instruments and some bottles of medicine/chemicals. "It was completely dark inside so I had to use a small torch to light up specific areas to take the photographs. Due to the many open and broken jars, the smell inside was horrible and probably full of bacteria. An unforgettable experience.”

“When we were finished photographing this site, we had to clean all the photographic equipment thoroughly. We also had to change all of our dirty clothes and our boots because of the large amount of filth and pigeon droppings all around the location. This amazing veterinary school is not the place to have a sleepover! This was by far the strangest but also the most intriguing location to explore. And the first and only location sofar where I had to use a torch light to make photography possible. Even when there is daylight outside the basement will stay pitch black!”